Psychological Support to Humanitarian Aid Workers – NGO

What is the support about that is provided to humanitarian staff?

This type of support is intended for those who are living in a country other than the home country, who are carrying out humanitarian missions or returning from such missions. They could benefit from psychological support upon their return in order to have the opportunity to express the difficulties experienced during the mission and the possible adaptation challenges in their home or residence country. Staff may seek support individually or as part of agreement with the organization (employer).

My career includes an experience of more than 10 years of expatriation with humanitarian aid organizations in several countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I have also supported expatriates during their missions, and I have supported staff during security incidents. I have been living in France for five years, so I am familiar as well with the challenges of settling in a foreign country.

The expatriation constitutes a unique experience, which enriches and at the same time represents a series of adaptation challenges to diverse cultures, to a different environment, to basic conditions of life and work, to isolation, especially in remote areas. The return to the home country can also constitute a challenge and involves new sources of stress (job search, housing, social and family reintegration, etc.).

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