Paulina Acosta Del Rio

How can I help you?

I can receive anyone who wishes to have a listening space to express their suffering. Similarly, people who feel the need and interest to know themselves better, to move on and understand the origins or reasons of their difficulties, and thus achieve a state of well-being.

I know first-hand the common problems of expatriates, since I have been living in Paris for five years, after living abroad while working with humanitarian aid organizations in multiple countries. I offer therapy in Spanish, English and French, according to your preference. Having the possibility to speak in your mother tongue can facilitate the establishment of a relation of trust with the therapist. It may help express yourself with greater ease and spontaneity.

EMDR therapy is indicated in all types of problems, from trauma to emotional difficulties caused by difficult life experiences; relational and / or professional problems, phobias, depression, anxiety, separation, grief, adaptation challenges in foreign countries.

I abide by the code of ethics of psychologists, which includes the professional secret, not getting involved in a sentimental or sexual way with the clients, and the referral to a method / approach that is more appropriate to the person’s case or that is complementary.

I am registered with the Regional Health Agency of the Hauts de Seine department (Ile de France) (No. ADELI 929329951). This number certifies the validity of my psychologist’s degree and allows me to use it in France.

My background

I hold a master’s degree in psychology, I specialized in social cognitive development and intercultural practices from Lumière-Lyon II University. I am a trained EMDR therapist by the EMDR Institute of France.

I can hold sessions in Spanish, as it is my mother tongue. I am also fluent in English and French.

I have provided psychological support and counselling to:

  • The families of police officers and soldiers who were kidnapped in Colombia. 
  • People living in homelessness in Ireland. 
  • People living in situation of forced displacement in the Sudan. 
  • People affected by the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. 
  • Survivors of sexual and family violence in Papua New Guinea. 
  • I have worked with multiple humanitarian organizations for more than 10 years where I had the opportunity to support teams of psychologists and professionals.

Let me help you with your difficulties