Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy or support therapy

It is a face-to-face therapy or online through video calls (Skype or Zoom).

Individual sessions with adults and adolescents. The sessions focus on making a safe space possible for the expression of difficulties in everyday life or current concerns. These sessions seek to offer emotional support through active listening, empathic communication, the use of relaxation techniques, the teaching of self-care and stabilization strategies. Likewise, this type of therapy seeks to encourage the use of each person’s own resources to cope with the difficulties and favours self-knowledge and the exploration of sources of distress.

How does it work?

I propose an integrative psychotherapeutic approach, that is, I use concepts and frameworks from cognitive-behavioural therapies, EMDR therapy or reprocessing therapy, empathic or non-violent communication and mindfulness.

These approaches allow me to have a panel of tools gathered throughout my practice. The psychological support is adapted to the problem of every person, as well as the therapy that is best indicated in each case.

For instance, EMDR therapy is indicated in cases of emotional difficulties, related to past traumas (violence, sexual abuse, accidents, deaths, etc.) or difficult life situations, such as separations, difficulties in relationships with family members or friends or in professional relationships.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy has been shown to be effective in cases of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, compulsive behaviours and obsessive thoughts, social phobias, various specific phobias, sleeping difficulties, addictive behaviours, eating problems, among others.

I also propose a supportive therapy to people who wish to have a space of expression of their suffering, or to develop self-knowledge to understand the origin of their difficulties and contribute to a state of well-being.

Let me help you with your difficulties